In a world where love stories are as diverse as the stars in the sky, there are those that shine with a radiance all their own. Enter the story of Euwan and Samuel Grant-Wright—a tale that takes us into the depths of connection and the heights of affection. From the first swipe on a dating app to the exchange of eternal vows, their journey transcends the ordinary, crafting a narrative that stands as a beacon of hope, resilience, and unbounded love.

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Chapter 1: When Strangers Became Friends

Meeting on a dating app in the summer of 2017, Euwan and Samuel Grant-Wright didn’t take much time to exchange numbers, starting a journey of engaging and lively conversations, a journey that will take them to paths yet to be discovered. 

A few hectic months led their communication to a pause, an unwanted standstill, but destiny had planned otherwise. 

Resurrecting the bonding, Euwan sent a “hey stranger” text to Samuel in April 2018, Even though it had been almost a year to their initial connection, the ice broke when they finally decided to meet in person. 

During this time, the couple made sure to keep their budding friendship authentic with reasonable exchanges of pictures, videos, and calls.

“It took us almost a year to finally meet in person, but at least we knew it wasn’t a catfish situation…”

Chapter 2: A Night to Remember

As if they both had been under a spell, their first meeting led them towards an amazing night at The House of Blues in Orlando on May 27, 2018. The concert featuring their shared favorites: Ledisi, Melanie Fiona, and Tweet was an unforgettable experience. 

Samuel recalls, “It was Euwan’s first time seeing Ledisi and Melanie Fiona, and his smile and excitement made me fall in love with him even more.” 

With laughter, a few off-key songs, and their first kiss, this night turned into a milestone for both of them.

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Chapter 3: From Tests to Triumph

But every story has its share of challenges. The couple was not immune from trials either. The COVID-19 pandemic posed a grim hardship, yet it served as a catalyst in their relationship. Samuel admired Euwan’s unwavering calmness throughout these testing times, while Euwan found solace in Samuel’s unbeatable support when he lost his job in mid-2019.

Chapter 4: A Proposal to Remember

Their fortitude flourished strength in their bonding leading to an intimate proposal by Euwan, in June 2020. Samuel recollects, “Oh it was definitely a surprise…”

Here’s the full story:

Samuel had been heading back from Jacksonville, tired and weary. An unexpected call from Euwan requesting him to stop by the store piqued his curiosity. He agreed, waiting patiently for the list of things to pick up. 

However, to his surprise, Euwan called again, telling him to forget about the store and just come home, albeit with a peculiar instruction – let him know when he was about minutes away.

Confused and a bit frustrated, Samuel did as asked, calling Euwan when he was pulling into the garage. The response from the other end was another surprising instruction, “Count to 10 and come in.” 

“Again, I was tired and looking crazy, but I open the door to a pathway of rose petals lit by candles and Easy by Ella Mai playing. Euwan was standing at the end of the path, candlelight dinner set, and a box with a rose on top”

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“I was in shock, wanted to cry – shoot, …had just about every emotion running through me…”

Before he could comprehend the entirety of the scene, Euwan began whispering words from his heart. “Sam, my love, my rock, my everything, the past 2 years have been nothing but amazing, and you’ve loved me through it and all of my flaws. I can’t imagine spending life without you, and I pray you feel the same way too. Will you marry me?”

“I said YES before he could even get the ring box open!”

“It was intimate, beautiful, and was [a] moment I will never forget.

The surprising proposal, melting away all the frustration from earlier; painted a perfect picture of their unpredictable, yet cherished journey together; a love story meant to withstand the test of time.

Chapter 5: Uniting in Love

Fast forward to May 27, 2022. The couple tied the knot at the Crystal Ballroom Lake Mary in Lake Mary, Florida. Readying for the next chapter of their life on the same date as their first date, gave a unique significance to their wedding. 

The energy and love in the room were palpable, a testament to the couple they had grown to become amid trials. 

“Being two black gay men, coming together as one, surrounded by our village of agape love, is something we will cherish forever.”

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Chapter 6: Memories in Frames

RTW Photography played a crucial role in their memorable journey. 

“Especially with the recap video you created that Euwan watched at least twice a day for a month or two.”

The couple found our team professional, friendly, and brilliant at beautifully capturing every moment of their big day. 

“We were blown away by the photos and videos provided… You all captured every moment so beautifully and delivered everything before the expected time schedule”

Euwan and Samuel advocate for choosing RTW Photography for their remarkable ability to tailor their services to the individual couple’s needs. “We will be using RTW for everything moving forward.”

Chapter 7: Forever After…

Whether it was a friendly “hey stranger” text or a heartfelt proposal in the candlelight, every second of the journey of Euwan and Samuel Grant-Wright was a symbol of their enduring love and companionship. 

Their story serves as an endearing testament to the power of love that knows no boundaries and can endure the toughest trials of life. We are so honored to have played a part in their love story. Thank you, Samuel and Euwan!

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