Weddings are a big deal, but that doesn’t mean they have to be a big affair. Even though they were around before the COVID-19 pandemic, micro-weddings have skyrocketed in popularity due to physical restrictions.

White and gold micro-wedding design idea

One of the best advantages of a micro-wedding is it’s an intimate affair. With no more than 50 people in attendance, the bride and groom can spend one of the most important days of their lives and start their journey together with those who truly matter. 

Go as small as you like with your micro-wedding, less guests don’t make it less monumental. You can still have an amazing experience with all the fine details. Have gorgeous fresh flowers, a beautiful cake, and splurge a little on photography or videography since you’ll be saving money on the food bill. 

Peach, white and gold wedding cake
Micro-wedding flower arrangement idea

Micro-weddings are only small in size. But, they are big on intimacy, impact, and memories. If you’re feeling guilty about trimming the list, remember this is one of the happiest days of your lives – so enjoy it with those you love most. 

Choose the people closest to you to celebrate your special day with. For those who aren’t on the guest list, you can live-stream the wedding ceremony with RTW so they’ll still be a part of it. 

Bride and groom micro-wedding ceremony

Though your wedding is small, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be fun. Micro-weddings can have fun features such as expressive mirror booths or fun 360 photo booths. 

Fun wedding ideas with mirror booth photos

They are a great source of entertainment for your guests. You can customize the photos to match the theme of your events and use them as wedding favors.

These services and a plethora of others are available at RTW Photography. RTW has the added benefit of being one of Orlando, Florida’s premier wedding photographers. Plus, we offer a free wedding consultancy. Claim yours here. 

Have you chosen to elope? You don’t have to sacrifice wedding photos, your special day can still be captured beautifully. Once you’ve picked that gorgeous elopement dress, RTW has elopement photographers in Orlando and Atlanta. We can also record your special day for your loved ones so they don’t completely miss out. 

Elopement photography
elopement photographer atlanta
Elopement photography orlando

Let RTW Photography capture your micro-wedding. If you’re thinking about photography for your small wedding, RTW Photography offers micro-wedding packages in Florida and Orlando.


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