A brand is the feeling you get when you see a product, hear a company name, or think about a service. Brand photograpy is one of the most important ways to communicate this feeling with your audience.

What Branding Means for Your Business

Your brand is not just a logo. To say it’s your logo would be like saying that you are your clothes. Your clothes represent how you want to be perceived by others, but they aren’t what make you who you are.

A good way to start thinking about brands is like a promise. When customers support your brand, they accept your promise that the experience of buying your products or using your services will always be consistent in terms of quality and value.

7th & grove restaurant brand photography, man pouring a drink at the bar
7th & Grove

For your customers to feel emotionally connected to your brand, you need to wield your visual storytelling tools with intention. Especially when you’re sharing images on social media or in ad campaigns. You want these images to instantly prompt an emotion that aligns with what you want your organization to be known for.

One of the best ways to create that feeling is with a brand photos.

Why You Need Brand Photography

Brand photography is one of the best ways to bring your business to life. You’ll create photos that are designed to tell your brand story, build trust and connect with your audience on a more personal level. Plus, branded photos help you stand out from other brands in your space. Which will then increase conversions and make customers feel connected.

When you use branded images across all of your social media channels, in blog posts, and on your website, it creates a cohesiveness that stock photography can’t. Even if those stock photos are diverse and inclusive.

personal branding photoshoot, woman doing yoga pose against colourful wall
Tha Yung Yogi
small business photoshoot, woman smiling with sunflowers in her hair
My Lavish Mane

RTW Photography offers branding photography packages for start-ups, small businesses, and bloggers who want to use custom imagery that reflects their values, and what they stand for as entrepreneurs.

You probably take good photos. You’ve got a great camera on your phone, you get tons of likes on the gram. 

But, a brand photographer can help you create imagery that truly reflects your brand and evokes the emotion you desire from your audience. They will help you brainstorm ideas that align with your business goals, and decide the best way to bring these ideas to life.

There are many different ways to use brand photography on your website, social media, and print marketing. The key to having a successful branding photoshoot is to know how the photos will be used and what message you want to convey.

Personal Branding Photography and Branding for Small Businesses

Photoshoots aren’t just for models and creatives anymore. Today, anyone can use visual content to bring their brand to life. Your commercial photography will create a strong brand identity to help you get more online visibility for your business and personal brand. But, those aren’t the only benefits. 

How Brand Photography Can Help You

You Look More Professional

Even if you’re an amateur who’s just starting out, our personal branding photographers can help you look like a pro. Using high-quality photos is an easy way to give any small business an air of professionalism that helps to build trust with your audience.

By investing in brand photography, you show your audience that you’re serious about what you do. And high quality photos are proven to boost people’s confidence in your products and services.

You’ll Look Better on Social Media

It’s no secret that great photography catches the eye and generates interest faster than a block of text ever could. That said, appealing visuals are even more important now that we’re using social media in marketing and sales.

Since this is where most people go to make new connections with friends and businesses alike, it’s important to have content that accurately showcases who you are.

branding photoshoot ideas

RTW Photography: Brand Photography Pros

At RTW Photography, we have a team of amazing commercial photographers with years of experience in different fields. They have worked with brands such as Apple, Nike, and Adidas. Our work has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, and Inc., among many others.

We understand what it takes to craft memorable brand imagery that authentically tells your story and attracts the right customers. We’re not just in the business of taking pictures. We’re in the business of creating an experience for your audience that leaves them feeling excited, connected, and ready to become loyal supporters.

We are a team of professional brand photographers and videographers with over 10 years of experience creating content for businesses across a wide range of industries. Including culinary arts, hospitality, retail, fashion & beauty, education & non-profits, sports & entertainment. Plus, we have the tools and resources necessary to bring your vision to life.

If you need help brainstorming ideas for your photoshoot, schedule a discovery call with our team to get started. We will develop a concept that aligns with your organization’s overall brand and marketing goals.

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