catholic wedding first look intercultural couple holding hands

If you’ve heard the term “first look,” in reference to a wedding, I’m sure a lot of thoughts come to mind. Simply put, it’s a moment where the to-be-married couple share some time, looking at each other without the distraction of family, just before the ceremony. If you’re on the fence about deciding between doing a first look, or maybe even a first touch (where you hold hands without looking at each other), our Orlando and Atlanta photographers have compiled a list of first-look pros and cons to make your decision much easier.

Pros of a First Look

  • You can capture an emotional moment on camera.
  • You and your partner share an intimate moment before the ceremony.
  • First look can help ease the nerves that the couple may have had prior to seeing each other.
  • It can allow you enough time to join your guests for cocktail hour.
  • It is not traditional, for those that like to break the rules a bit.
  • It provides the time and opportunity for creativity, and get those perfect, timeless photos in.

Cons of a First Look

  • This could mean having a much earlier start to your day to accommodate the time needed.
  • It could take away from the first look moment you would have shared at the altar, but honestly – they always end up crying anyways.
  • It is not traditional for those that want to keep their look a surprise til that altar moment.

We hope we have helped to make your decision process much easier. If you have been considering or have decided to do a first look photo shoot, RTW Photography would love to help capture your perfect moments.

Regardless of your first look wedding ideas, we can ensure that you receive the best photography services on your special day. Our team consists of creative and highly skilled photographers that will ensure your first look wedding photos are nothing short of incredible.

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