Wondering what a wedding first look is, why you need it, and how you get it done? This article covers a few of the pros and cons, plus beautiful wedding pictures for inspiration.

What is the first look at a wedding?

The wedding day first look: That swoon-worthy romantic moment where the bride and groom see each other for the first time just before the ceremony.

Traditionally, the first look is shared with all the wedding guests when the bride walks down the aisle. With newer traditions, it’s a special moment shared only between the bride and groom.

wedding first look bride and groom before the wedding

It’s not just about seeing each other, it’s a glance into the rest of their lives. A beautiful chance to capture the joy of two lovers, hours away from cementing their love. It works perfectly for couples who want to spend some quiet time together before the ceremony.

Plus you’ll have some amazing first look wedding photos to back on.

Different Types of Wedding First Looks

The modern option is the bride and groom first look. A special moment shared between the two, just before the wedding ceremony. 

But there are other first looks you can capture too! 

One other option is a first look at the bride for her in-laws and the groom with his. It signifies the first look at families merging and creating a new whole. 

Another beautiful moment to capture is the parents’ first look at the bride or groom. The father-daughter wedding first look is a popular choice, but a father-son reveal is also a great capture.

To make a memory out of your first look, we recommend creating a stunning picture book with entertaining and engaging captions. With RTW Photography, all you have to do is select the perfect photos. We’ll design an album and ship it to you.

Why You Should Have a Wedding First Look

What’s the point of having a first look? Here are a few reasons why you might want to try it out:

Have some alone time together

You’ll be able to spend time together before the big event. It calms the nerves, lessens anxiety, and gets rid of the butterflies. On the day, emotions can become overwhelming and all you’ll want is to see your partner. The first look makes this happen.

You get portraits, just the two of you

Without interruptions and onlookers, we’ll be able to capture you when you’re most comfortable and your true selves. 

Plus, you get to capture an emotional moment that you’ll be able to look back on forever.

Look your best with fresh faces and fresh clothing

You haven’t had a chance to mess up your hair or makeup, nor wrinkle your outfit. That’s the best time to get those portraits. You’ll look and feel amazing, and that will show in the pictures. You won’t have to try and force it for the cameras.

You won’t feel overwhelmed

After the ceremony, you may feel a bit rushed to get photos of just the two of you, plus with the bridal party and family. Having some of the pictures taken before saves you from having to hurry to do it all.

And the best part? RTW Photography can capture your first look wedding photos whether you need a wedding photographer in Orlando, Atlanta or for a destination wedding. 

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What You Should Know About Having A First Look 

If you’re thinking about having a first look wedding photoshoot, there are a few things you should know.

Your wedding first look should be planned

It should be written into the schedule ahead of time. The wedding timeline with a first look is a bit longer but so worth it. How long will a first look take? You may need an extra 30 minutes to an hour.

You’ll still be memorized

The feeling doesn’t go away. You may be wondering if doing a first look will take away from seeing your partner walk down the aisle – it won’t. Having done as many weddings as we have, we’ve seen it. It’s still a magical moment.

Pick a good spot

Have a secluded spot picked out, far from guests and the wedding party. This way your first look photoshoot is an intimate moment.

Want to see a list of the pros and cons of having a first look? Read this post.

A wedding first look isn’t for everyone

It’s not for everyone. There are still many people who prefer their first look to be during the ceremony – that’s totally fine. RTW Photography will capture it all either way. 

Bride and groom holding hands before the wedding

If you decide to have a first look, your wedding photographers can work with your wedding timeline to make it happen. 

Ready to chat about your first look photoshoot?

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