Your corporate photoshoot is an investment that will bring big returns. High-quality images are extremely important to any business’s marketing and sales goals. But you probably already know that, that’s why you’re reading about corporate photography.

What is Corporate Photography?

Corporate photography or business photography is photography for use by the company in marketing its products and services. When you think of corporate photography, stock images and stiff corporate headshots probably come to mind.

But the times have changed, business photography now focuses on capturing and communicating your brand to your audience.corporate headshot photography woman sitting on stool smiling with a plain background

You Have More Options Than You Might Think 

Corporate headshot photography might seem like the obvious choice, but there are a few other options to consider.

Having corporate group photography shots done in the office rather than the traditional studio shoot can add diversity to your business photographs.

Outdoor corporate photoshoots and corporate event photography are two other great options that companies sometimes forget. These are great to have for social media, newsletters, and other promotional content.

Furthermore, elements from the environment can help you tell a story with your outdoor corporate portraits. You just have to choose the right location based on your industry.

Creative Direction for Your Corporate Photoshoot

How can you make the most of your corporate photoshoot session?

modern all female corporate group photoshoot on staircase

To have a successful, stress-free corporate photoshoot, it must be carefully planned and executed. The first step in achieving this is getting your creative direction down pat.

Creative direction is a crucial process since it guides the entire vision for your photoshoot.

What results are you trying to achieve? What concept are you executing? Do you have a specific style in mind?

You should have the answers to these questions before you get in front of the camera.

A lot goes into the creative direction for a corporate photoshoot but when done right, it all leads to amazing results

Here are some tips for establishing the creative direction for your next shoot:

Know the purpose of the shoot and stick to it

With so many ideas swimming around in your head, you may think it’s best to try them all at once. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. You must pick one main goal for each shoot. Otherwise, you’ll be drowning in content with no clear idea of how to use them.

Be ready to explain what your brand stands for  

Be prepared to break down how you want your company captured. Once you’ve communicated your brand, your photographer will be better able to produce the perfect results.

Choosing the Right Corporate Photographer

Before committing to a particular business photographer, make sure you’re confident in their vision and ability to showcase your business in the most appealing way possible.

There are plenty of corporate photographers in Atlanta & Orlando – with a bit of research, you’re sure to find one that fits your company’s brand.

Having high-quality photos is the main reason for having a corporate photoshoot, but your corporate photographer must understand the end-use for these photos: how do you want them to be used? Will they be used on social media? How about print media or websites?

Another important part of your corporate photoshoot is making sure everyone feels comfortable during the session. The more relaxed everyone feels, the better!

If you’re looking for a corporate group photoshoot, consider RTW Photography.

RTW Photography has the staff and resources to provide quality images or videos at your next tradeshow, convention, corporate holiday party, or business convention. Our corporate events photography and videography package are flexible to handle all event needs!

We are based out of major business hubs throughout Florida and Georgia (including Orlando, Tampa Bay, and Atlanta) but we offer corporate photography services nationwide across the US.

Read more about our corporate photography packages here.

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