Getting married is a big deal, and weddings can often feel stressful and overwhelming. But as a groomsman, you’re there to help the groom make the transition from single to dedicated husband as easy as possible. 

From a well-planned bachelor party to dapper matching outfits and being a constant support system, the work of a groomsman isn’t one and done. 

Even after I do’s are said, broom is jumped, rice is thrown, and the happy couple departs on the honeymoon (that you probably had a hand in organizing). You’ll still have a part to play.

If you’re wondering “How to be a good groomsman?” or “What does the groomsman do?”; here are some tips to get you started.

What does a Groomsman do?

The groomsman supports the groom throughout the whole wedding process. Helping in whatever way needed to ensure the groom doesn’t become overwhelmed, and everything goes smoothly. Planning the bachelor party and helping out with the wedding is just the start, groomsmen support the groom even after the event has ended.

  • Plan a great bachelor party
  • Remind the groom that your friendship is important
  • Emotional Support
  • Show up and Show out

Help Plan a Personalized Bachelor Party

If you aren’t sure where to start, the groomsman’s duties are with the much-anticipated bachelor party. 

A quick google search will show you everything from a laid-back soiree to a wild shindig, but the bachelor party should be based on the groom’s taste. After all, it’s his celebration.

Even if you have known the groom for years, try to use creative ways to find out what his ideal bachelor party might look like and plan accordingly. Don’t just assume.

Party buses, Las Vegas trips, and wild bar hopping are fun. But sometimes, all a guy needs are good friends, great liquor, and his favorite food. And, of course, some fun bachelor party games. Either is perfect, as long it’s what the groom wants. 

Give Sentimental Groomsmen Gifts 

Groomsman gift to the groom

Deciding to commit to one person for the rest of your life can be daunting and may feel like a complete overhaul.

Reassure the groom that you will always be in his corner, especially for this next chapter. Gather all his best pals (most likely the other groomsmen) and get him a heartfelt gift.

This gift is definitely the most rewarding groomsman duty!

What could you give the groom to remind him you’ve been there for him and show him you’ll still be there once he’s married?

Be Strong When The Groom Isn’t

Your groomsman duty isn’t just to show up and look fresh to death. You need to be a good support system for the groom throughout the planning process, and hopefully after the wedding too. 

Keep the groom calm and collected throughout anything that may come along. That includes the pre-wedding jitters, overwhelm from planning the wedding, cold feet, getting emotional when he sees his partner walking down the aisle, and anything else that may pop up.

Be strong when he isn’t. And be prepared to give him your hanky.

Groomsman supporting groom

Pick The Right Groomsman Suits

Gone are the days when the dress was the center of fashion at the wedding. Today even ugly bridesmaid dresses are a thing of the very distant past, and groomsmen suits are no exception.

The groom usually has a say in what the men’s suits should look like, and he’ll likely come to you for advice. So prepared to be a fashion consultant too.  

The groomsmen’s suits should effortlessly complement the groom’s fit. Dapper options include sultry burgundy groomsmen suits or royalty-inspired emerald green wedding groomsmen outfits. 

Groomsmen and groom

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