Brandi & Réggie Malebranche

RTW had the pleasure of interacting with this lovely couple throughout their engagement and wedding process. Brandi and Réggie met in 2012 during fall term at the University of Florida when Réggie was running for Prince of the Black Student Union. They met as Réggie was handing out flyers to Brandi and her friends. After meeting for the first time, it seemed that maybe there could be something there.

Their first date was at Carrabba’s Italian Grill on Valentine’s Day and there was a clear connection between them. Brandi fell in love with Réggie because he cared about getting to know the real her. He taught her to raise her standards, to strive for better, and to know her own worth. Réggie fell in love with Brandi for her genuine soul, her amazing ability to balance everything in her life, and for loving him not matter what.

At Brandi’s college graduation party, Réggie made the decision to propose. It was a complete shock and a wonderful surprise to Brandi. They were engaged for about a year and a half before officially becoming Mr & Mrs Malebranche.

A priority of the couple was finding a quality photographer to capture engagement and wedding photos. Brandi and Réggie wanted photographs that would be timeless. The couple was familiar with RTW Photography and entrusted us with capturing their special day.

Our favorite part of the wedding was the ceremony. RTW was able to capture the raw emotions of the bride and groom throughout the day. Brandi and Réggie have amazing energy as a couple, and they are genuine, friendly, and outgoing people. It was a joy to take their engagement and wedding photographs and video.

Orlando Wedding Details

Flower arrangements for Orlando Wedding

Father and Bride down the aisle

Groom at Alter

Orlando Couple at the Alter

Wedding Party

Brandi & Reggie Wedding Photos

Black Couple Wedding Photos

Wedding Details

Bride & Groom during Wedding Reception

Newlyweds at Reception Dinner

Orlando Wedding Photographs

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