Are you planning an intimate wedding? Looking for ways to create the perfect elopement? You’ve come to the right place! Eloping is a great choice for couples who want an affordable, intimate ceremony with no stress or hassle. But planning all the important elements of your dream wedding can be overwhelming. 

That’s why we’ve put together this guide on how to plan your elopement wedding. We have years of experience as professional photographers documenting beautiful weddings — including plenty of dreamy destination elopements! Here are our top tips and tricks on making sure your day is perfect in every way.

Picking Your Wedding Vibe

So, you’re thinking of having an elopement! How exciting! The great thing about intimate weddings is that they can be as unique as the couple getting hitched.

The first thing to decide is what kind of atmosphere you want for your special day. Are you a beach lover and dream of saying “I do” with the sand between your toes?

Or perhaps you’re a mountain enthusiast and envision yourselves exchanging vows with breathtaking views. Maybe you’re a country couple and have your heart set on a rustic barn or a field of wildflowers.

Or maybe you want the buzz of the city and all the vibrancy it has to offer. The best thing about an elope wedding is that the world is your oyster, so let your imagination run wild and pick the atmosphere that suits you as a couple.

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Creating Your Perfect Elopement Ceremony: Traditional or One-of-a-Kind

So you’re thinking of having an elopement wedding ceremony – exciting stuff! Now the big question is, what type of ceremony would be perfect for you and your significant other? Would you prefer the traditional/religious route or would you like something more unique and personal? 

The good news is, with elopement packages becoming more and more popular, the possibilities are endless! 

Take some time to really think about what’s important to you both as a couple – is it a sense of tradition and familiarity or would you rather go for something that reflects your own personalities and journey together? The choice is all yours!

Capturing Your Elopement Memories: Picking the Best Photographer

If you’re planning to have an intimate wedding, then you might want to consider getting an elopement photographer. Elopement photography has a certain charm to it that can’t be replicated in bigger ceremonies. 

It’s all about capturing raw, genuine moments between you and your partner. Some photographers offer elopement packages that include not only the ceremony itself but also photos from before and after the event. 

You can also discuss with your photographer the kind of shots you want to see in your elopement photos. Maybe you want some romantic shots during sunset or some candid shots as you exchange vows. Whatever it is, documenting the day is essential, and your elopement photographer can help turn your memories into stunning keepsakes.

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Elopement photography packages

Are you looking for a beautiful wedding experience without breaking the bank? Our elopement packages are the perfect solution! Starting at just $700, we offer photo and video packages that include ceremony and family/bridal photos.

With a dedicated photographer and a videographer, you’ll receive a highlight gallery of around 200 photos within just two weeks, plus a 60-second recap video and 4-5 minute wedding reel.

Our elopement packages are a stress-free and affordable option for couples who want to celebrate their love in an intimate and meaningful way.

Click here if you want to learn more about them.

The Picture-Perfect Venue for Your Elopement

Think about it: you and your loved one exchanging vows in a beautiful and intimate setting that perfectly captures your elopement vision.

Choosing the right venue can make all the difference in bringing your dream to life. You want a spot with incredible lighting and stunning backdrops that will make your elopement photos ones to treasure forever.

After all, these photos will be the ones you pull out time and time again to relive the magic of your special day. So take the time to do your research and find the perfect wedding venue that truly speaks to you and your partner.

Designing Your Unique Elopement Experience

When it comes to planning an elope wedding, the sky’s the limit! From exchanging vows to taking stunning elopement photos and enjoying a cute picnic, there are so many elements you can include in your special day.

One of the great things about eloping is that you have the freedom to tailor your itinerary to your individual tastes and preferences. Want to exchange vows on a mountaintop or by the ocean? Go for it! Have a particular spot in mind for your picnic? Make it happen! You get to put your own spin on things and create lasting memories that feel truly authentic to you and your partner.

Sharing the Big News: Announcing Your Wedding with Thoughtful Planning

Now comes the tricky part: how to break the news to your family. It’s a big moment, and you want it to be special. Plan ahead. You’ll make this intimate news even more meaningful for you and your loved ones.

That’s where RTW comes in with our elopement photography services. Not only will your elopement photographer capture the moment beautifully, but you’ll also have the option to announce the news in style with prints, canvases or greeting cards.

That means you can surprise your family with stunning elopement photos straight from your gallery and delivered right to your door.

Whether you want to make a grand announcement or send a thoughtful keepsake – announcing your wedding has never been easier.

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Your Dream Wedding Awaits: Book an Elopement Photographer

Eloping is an incredibly special event and you should be sure to make the best of it. Don’t let all of the details bog you down – by following these simple and straightforward steps, you can begin to feel confident about planning your big day.

Look ahead at what you want your perfect ceremony to look like and make that vision a reality. With our custom tailored elopement photography packages, you’ll have beautiful photos that will last you a lifetime.

And don’t forget when deciding to elope, have fun with it! Take this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to celebrate in a way that makes sense for the two of you. Want to learn more about our elopement packages? Click the link!

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