We all know that having a clear, consistent visual identity is super important for any business, large or small. That’s why you’re here. RTW Photography does branding shoots all the time – for businesses from all industries. So we figured we’d walk you through the process of how to plan an organized brand photoshoot. 

How to plan your brand photoshoot:

How to plan your brand photoshoot:

1. Brainstorm your ideas
2. Know what the photos will be used for
3. Strategize with your photographer
4. Settle on the location
5. Plan your outfits

business photoshoot for female entrepreneurs

Brainstorm Some Branding Shoot Ideas

We LOVE mood boards for brand photoshoots. It’s an easy way to translate your thoughts into something other people can understand. That’s not always easy. Sometimes you just can’t find the right words. A mood board will give your photographer a visual of what your brand should look like – then they’ll easily be able to replicate that. 

It’s more important than you think to have some branding photoshoot ideas in mind. You can always look at other brands you admire, or use platforms like Instagram and Pinterest to look for ideas.

Here are a few things your mood board should have…

  • Ideas of what you want your brand to look like to the world. 
  • Photos and poses you like or don’t like
  • The color theme of your brand shoot (for example: white and brown, or light blue)
  • The type of photography you want to take.  Do you want studio shots? Outdoor photos? Mini photo shoots at different locations? This will help determine what kinds of outfits, props and locations might be necessary for your shoot
  • How you can use your photos – for branding, marketing, social media, etc?

Finalize Your Desired Photography Shot List

It’s important to have a clear idea of what you want to achieve before you start shooting. You should spend some time thinking about who your audience/potential clients are, and what they need or want from your brand photography.

Make a note of what the photos will be used for, or where you’ll use them. Some popular options are:

  • Social media
  • Email marketing 
  • Website 
  • Wall art for business space
  • Catalogues
  • Ads
  • Billboards and posters
  • Print (business cards, pamphlets etc.)
simple outdoor branding photoshoot idea for women

Your brand photographer needs this information to help guide the shoot. But it also helps the whole process move a lot smoother. Especially if you created a shot list with specific photos you know you’ll need for your business. 

This is where the brand photography mood board shines! You’ve gathered images and poses you want to replicate, so your photographer already knows what you want. 

Strategize With Your Brand Photographer

For your brand photoshoot, you’ll want to work with a photographer who can understand your brand and create a plan to shoot the photos so they best represent your brand. Luckily for you, RTW has experienced brand photographers in Orlando and Atlanta!

When planning your business photoshoot, here a few things to remember:

  • Share with your photographer the style of pictures you want (e.g., professional, fun, entertaining) and whom you are targeting (e.g., customers, prospects).

  • Communicate the purpose of your branding shoot. Is it for a new course, a new line of products, or general photos to be used across your channels? Let your photographer know

  • Make sure that the photographer has the ability to be creative and give suggestions on how to elevate the brand shoot so it is different from any other photography images in your industry. 

  • Make sure that whoever shoots for you also has a vision for what’s being photographed; if not then there will be no consistency or continuity throughout all of their work which can lead viewers into confusion about what kind of company they’re actually looking at!

Pick A Location For Your Brand Shoot

The location is just as important as what you wear. It can help you tell your story through photos. We can always help you find great locations for your brand photography in Atlanta or Orlando. But if we’re being honest – we’re partial to studio shoots. 

Here’s why: 

  • We can create a set to match your brand aesthetic
  • We have helpful resources like clothing racks, plugs, lights,
  • There are amenities close by so you can easily change and touch up
  • There’s lots of privacy – there won’t be random people ogling you 
pink personal branding photoshoot idea

There are a lot of factors that go into this decision, but it’s important to consider what is most important to you. Here are a couple questions for you:

  • What is your budget? If you’re going all out, then no location is out of the question. But if you’re sticking to a small budget, we recommend choosing an outdoor location that’s free and accessible (like city parks).
  • Is there something special about the place? If so, great! That could add some authenticity and personality to your photos. Just be sure not to get too bogged down with trying too hard – being authentic doesn’t mean being literal with every detail. 

If you need help with branding shoot ideas for the location, your RTW photographer can always help.

Plan Your Brand Photoshoot Outfit Ideas

Once your mood board is done, you can use it to help keep you on track when choosing looks for your professional branding photos. With RTW brand photography, you can change into as many outfits as you want. We never limit you. So choose as many outfits as you need to tell your story and share different parts of your brand.

Not sure where to start? Here are two simple tips for branding shoot ideas on what to wear:

Wear your brand colors.

You should wear something that will make you feel confident, but also give off a vibe that aligns with your brand aesthetic. If you’re wearing an outfit that’s too casual or too formal, it may not reflect well on your business. Also, try finding clothes with prints and patterns that match the colors from your logo; this will help tie everything together and solidify your messaging.

Wear merch or products from other companies you support as well! 

This could be an artist’s t-shirt, a coffee shop mug (if they sell them), or even just plain ol’ swag from another designer who’s inspired your work—it never hurts to add more visual interest!

Pro Tip: It’s a great idea to create a brand photoshoot checklist with all the props, outfits and accessories you’ll need for the day of your session.

clothing store branding photoshoot idea

Have Fun With Your Brand Photoshoot

Planning a branding photoshoot can be a lot of work, so we hope this made it easier for you. There are just so many details to think about when planning a shoot. But rest assured, you don’t have to do all of that work on your own. Our brand photographers in Atlanta and Orlando can help you plan and come up with tons of branding photoshoot ideas.

Are you thinking about photography for your brand? Click here to learn more about our offers!

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