Weddings are one of the most important memories that a bride and groom can share. It signifies the unity of a long lasting commitment to one another. However, what happens when life’s infinite surprises become obstacles for couples? We have created five tips for postponing your wedding.

Many couples can go through obstacles when it comes to wedding planning. For example, not finding the right food, the venue being unavailable on their desired dates or even having to postpone their wedding. These circumstances and others can bring couples to the decision of postponing their wedding. Finding ways to appropriately handle changes within the wedding planning process will help ease the mind.

When things are going haywire, surround yourself with people that can help you. Yes, it’s true that plans don’t always go as one would hope, but it’s good to remember the bigger picture.

The most important thing to understand is that the person you’re marrying, chose to spend the rest of their life with you. The commitment between the two of you remains above whatever obstacles comes your way.

In the event you have to postpone your wedding, below are five tips to help you and your spouse with postponing your wedding.

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1. Postpone or cancel the wedding.

Try to refrain from making a rash decision based on circumstances. Consider the pros and cons in each option. Once you and your spouse decide which option postponing or canceling is right for you, review the contracts you’ve both signed.

2. Contact the vendors.

Have a honest conversation with your vendors regarding the change in wedding plans and their policies regarding deposits and rescheduling. Discuss alternative dates and arrangements prior to canceling a contract in its entirety. It can save you and your spouse some trouble and money

3. Think about another date.

Most couples are set on a specific date for their wedding, but there are always options. Try considering more than one date for your wedding. This can help when calling vendors back to reschedule. If you have more options to work with, most vendors should be able to accommodate to the best of their abilities.

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4. Keep your guests informed.

During rough times, the people invited to your wedding may not be the first priority, but remember to keep them updated with what’s going on. It can be a huge relief to keep guests calm throughout the waiting period.

5. Look at the bigger picture.

We know postponing your wedding can be a stressful time, but try and view things differently. Life is full of unexpected surprises and what seems to be the worst thing in that moment can end up being the best thing to you and your spouse. Use this as an opportunity to spend time together.

This time can be used to learn more about one another or focus on other priorities in your relationship.

Look at the bigger picture rather than the small reality that’s been painted in front of you. This is the time to be there for one another. Be encouraged that your relationship will be even stronger than before.

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