Weddings need three basic ingredients to make sure they last forever. The priest or officiant, a couple and a wedding photographer! A photographer captures your special day and turns your wedding into a physical memory. The wedding photographs become something for couples to reflect on after years of marriage and feel nostalgic. That’s why it is important to find the right wedding photographer.

Orlando is a prime area for marriages, engagement and everyday photo shoots.  Whether you are looking for a wedding or engagement photographer, remember to do a lot of research as you search for the right Orlando wedding photographer. Below we have provided tips for anyone looking for photographers, whether in the Orlando area or in general. RTW has shot numerous weddings and we want to provide you with a photographer’s perspective on some of the most important information you should consider when searching for the right Orlando wedding photographer. Below is a list of items to keep in mind when searching for a wedding photographer.

1. Do your research about the company?

Picking a photographer for that special day can be somewhat nerve-racking. There are a lot of items to consider. Amongst all the other wedding details you have to plan; thinking about what you want in a wedding photographer can can be overwhelming, When researching photographers, review their style, read reviews about past experiences, and allow yourself the time to have consultations with more than one photographer.

2. What is your style? 

Before looking for a photographer, make sure to sit with your spouse and determine which style of photography you would like. Photos are immortal and deciding on the right style is essential. Making sure the photographer is aware of the style of photos you like. Additionally, ask the photographer if you can view recent wedding photos that match your choice of style.

3. Setting up a consultation.

Setting up a consultation with any potential photographers is the first step when looking for a wedding photographer. Many couples will typically come up with questions for potential photographers. This allows photographers to have a clear idea of what the couple is looking for, as well as, provide you with more details about the company and their services. Also, it is not unusual for couples to not have questions. It is okay to set up a consultation just to see if you and your spouse like the photographers. Inquire whether the wedding photographer offers video chat consultations or in-person consultations. The person you are talking with could be your wedding photographer — you want to get a good “feel” for the individual or company. This will help you feel more comfortable on your wedding day.

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4. What is the turn around time?

Turn around time is the amount of time it takes for photos to be processed, developed and available for viewing. This time will differ for each company and depends on a variety of factors. Inquire when the full wedding portfolio will be complete, as well as, whether the photographer offers expedited delivery services or “sneak-peek” photos. These are essential considerations when it comes to determining which company to go with.

5. Understanding payment details. 

When it comes to contracts and payment processing, make sure that both parties understand and agree to how payment for the wedding works. Reviewing packages and payment terms can be exhausting, but pricing is usually a huge factor in the final decision for which the photographer will be chosen. Make sure to understand if the quote is inclusive of all fees and expenses — additional fees could include travel fare, hotel fare, parking, etc.

6. Communicate and setup a timeline. 

Communication is important throughout the entire process — this includes before, during and after the wedding.  Before choosing a wedding photographer, make sure to monitor response times and inquire about the best forms of communication. As soon as you have finalized details for the big day, make sure to communicate the timeline and other pertinent details with the photographer. Although the wedding day itinerary may not be finalized, see if the photographer is interested in joining planning meetings to help assist with a smooth wedding day. Sharing an itinerary or floor plan design can help the photography find the perfect spots for photos.

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7. Share past experiences and research reviews. 

Sharing past experiences or concerns can help when creating a relationship with photographers. It allows photographers to take into consideration certain details for the special day, as well as understand your previous experiences with photographers.  Feel free to ask questions or review other wedding portfolios done by the photographers. Weddingwire and Google review are great resources when seeking reviews about wedding photographers.

8. How long does the company keep the photographs? 

Asking photographers how long they keep the photos is a good insurance policy. Over time, some companies will delete the photographs to create space for new weddings. Many things can happen to photographs even in this digital age. Make sure you understand and are comfortable with the company’s policy for storage and maintenance of photographs. This is important should you every want to access your wedding photos in the distant future.

9. Do you offer additional wedding services?

Ask if the photographer offers other services or products that you want on your wedding day. Some photography companies, including RTW, offer videographer, live streaming and photo booth services. Inquire whether these services are provided directly through the company or outsourced. Finally, make sure to inquire about any post-wedding services the company may offer — including: prints, wedding albums, enhanced editing, etc.

10. How familiar are you with the Venue?

If you have chosen your venue, ask whether the photographer has shot there before. Venues may impose certain requirements or fees for photographers. Be aware of any fees the venue may charge for taking professional photos on the venue’s grounds (this includes engagement photos). Many venues requires photographers to have liability insurance. This information can sometimes surprise couples. Prior to selecting a wedding photographer, make sure to discuss potential venue requirements with your photographer.

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Remember this is your special day! You want to remember this day for the rest of your life. Choosing the right photographer is the first step to making sure the memories made on your wedding day last a lifetime.

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