Engagement photos are one of the most exciting aspects of planning a wedding. You get to dress up, hold hands, and be silly with the person you love. Many couples choose the DIY route and just have a friend take some snaps, but if you’re looking for something a little more professional, hire an engagement photographer near you. Here are some things that no one ever tells you about engagement photography:

Posing May Feel Awkward

Before you take your engagement pictures, it’s important that you know there is a chance it could feel awkward. Posing may feel like a foreign concept to some people, even if they ‘re excited about their upcoming wedding day.

Most people have never been professionally photographed, so it’s only natural to feel a little awkward in front of the camera. If this sounds like you (or your partner), don’t worry!

The good news is that your engagement photographer will be able to help you relax and feel comfortable. Many photographers prefer to start with some candid shots to help loosen up their subjects. So don’t worry if you feel a little stiff at first—it’s completely normal!

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Engagement Photography Is A Great Way To Get Comfortable Infront Of The Camera Before Your Wedding Day

Engagement photos are great practice for wedding-day shots. It’s likely that you won’t have had much experience posing for photos before, so engagement photos are a great way to practice. Many photographers offer sessions with an hour or two of shooting time that can help you feel more relaxed and give you more time to play around with different poses and ideas.

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If You Don’t Like Your Photos, You’ll Never Look At Them Again

If you dislike your engagement pictures, chances are that you won’t frame it or share it with others. No matter how great the posing and styling was, if the photographer didn’t capture the emotion between you and your partner, it will never show up in your engagement photos.

This is an important lesson for any couple to learn, but it’s especially important for those who are planning on investing in engagement photos.

How do you choose the right engagement photographer? Read this article. 

A good engagement photographer will be able to capture candid moments and the love between you and your fiance. Why is it important? Because these photos will last forever! They’ll be passed down from generation to generation and seen by family members who never met you personally.

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Engagement Photography Is Not As Expensive As You Think

When most people think of hiring a professional photographer, they assume it’s going to be extremely expensive. And while there are certainly some high-end photographers out there who charge a pretty penny, there are also plenty of reasonably priced options. Do your research and look at reviews before settling on a photographer so you can be sure you’re getting quality work at a fair price.

How much does engagement photography sessions usually cost?

Engagement photography starts at $250 but can vary based on location, number of edits and outfit changes. If you choose to hire an hourly photographer, it may work out to be more expensive than purchasing a package deal since hourly engagement photographers charge upwards or $100 an hour.

The best thing about engagement photography sessions with RTW? They’re free with our wedding packages!

Ready to book your engagement shoot? Click here to learn more about our offers.

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Just Be Yourselves And It Will be Perfect!

Remember that these photos are meant to capture who you are as a couple—flaws and all. So don’t stress about looking perfect in every shot.

In fact, some of the most beautiful photos are the ones where couples are laughing and imply enjoying each others’ company. Just be yourselves, and let your personalities shine through!

Do you share a common interest or hobby? Do you have matching tattoos? Whatever it is that makes your relationship special, make sure it comes through in your photos!

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