A birthday comes once a year and it is important that you find ways to celebrate it. Whether you treat yourself to a nice dinner, a party, or even a trip, you must find a way to make the day special. One way to make your birthday memorable is by having a birthday photoshoot. Having a birthday photoshoot might not be the first thing to cross your mind when planning your big day, but this day should be treated just as important as any other celebrations. Remembering your birthday should be just as special as the celebration. You wouldn’t dare not have a photographer at your graduation or wedding, so why make plans for a birthday celebration without a birthday photo shoot. Your birthday photoshoot is an opportunity to capture the essence of another milestone and create memories that can be cherished for a lifetime. Below are several reasons why having a birthday photo shoot is completely worth it!

Express Your Feelings

First, you can use the event to express your feelings at that age.  Whether you are fun and quirky, or laid back and chill, photos help seal the present moment. It helps to create a snapshot that can be cherished for years to come.  A birthday photo shoot allows you to showcase your uniqueness at a time when you are most grateful and likely to be reflecting on just how awesome you really are.  And although your birthday only comes once a year, there is nothing wrong with commemorating that special day with a photo shoot and celebrating it all year long.

Express Your Alter Ego

You can also use a photo shoot to dive into your other persona.  Clothes and props can be brought into your photo shoot and give display to your diva or gentleman side.  Bringing your alter ego to life and declaring it in a series of photos dedicated to the day you were born is just another way to celebrate everything that makes you…you.

Express Self-love

Finally, photos are expressions of self-love.  There is no other person like you and when you think about it, that is what’s worth all the hype.  Capturing the essence of who you are and what you are about is a major “I love me” moment.  And whether you choose to keep these pictures for yourself or share them with the world, the photos you take are confirmation of the person you have become at that time in your life. And honestly, that’s where the celebrations begin.  It begins with you, at that very moment where you let your beautiful features radiate and declare that this is me, the one I love first and foremost!

Preserve Memories

Preserving the memories of another birthday is just another fun, authentic way of  expressing who you are and what you are about.  And the fact remains, that no matter what age you choose to celebrate in a photo shoot, you are always worth it!

Studio Photo Session

Whether you have it outdoors or in a studio you can celebrate your birthday in a special way that will show just how amazing you are.

During this time RTW is offering 20% off of any studio or outdoor birthday shoot until the end of 2020. All you have to do is use the promo code BDAY20 when scheduling a session between now and December 31st.

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