If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you’re about to propose. Congratulations! Planning a surprise proposal is stressful. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first, or third time – it’s always nerve-wracking. We’ve put together eight tips that will help make sure your proposal is perfect!

Keep reading for tips to plan the perfect secret engagement proposal.

1. Make A List Of Your Partner’s Favorite Things 

If you’re wondering how to propose to your partner in a truly memorable way, taking the time to make a list of their favorite things is a great place to start. What are some of your partner’s favorite things? Flowers? Chocolate? A specific type of restaurant? Use this information to help you narrow down your options.

surprise proposal red decor with forever sign, roses and balloons

This will help you personalize the proposal and make it extra special for them. It could be anything from their favorite food or drink, to a hobby or activity they love.

Knowing what makes your partner happy will give you some great ideas for how to propose. So take some time to think about your partner’s likes and interests, and use that information to create an unforgettable surprise marriage proposal.

2. Recruit Your Partner’s Friends/ Family To Help You 

Input from your partner’s close friends and family can give you some good insight into what your partner is hoping for and help you make sure the engagement proposal is tailored specifically for them.

They’ve probably had the conversation (a few times) about what their dream proposal would look like. And even if they haven’t, a couple of friends or family members would be able to get that information pretty easily without looking suspicious.

The best part is, you can ask them for advice about what kind of ring would be best for your partner— which is usually the hardest decision to make!

Plus, they’ll be able to keep the secret for you! The most important part of surprise proposal planning is to make sure your partner has no idea what’s going on. Surprises are a lot of fun, but if your secret gets discovered before the big day it’ll ruin all your planning. 

3. Choose A Location That Has Meaning 

If you’re planning a surprise engagement, choosing the place is one of the most important things to get right. 

Make sure this special place is important to both you and your partner—this could be somewhere you have had good memories, a special date, or a dream location you’ve been wanting to visit.

If none of those are available, choose a place that you both enjoy. Depending on your partner this can mean anything from dinner with a view, laser tag, or a baecation! There is no right or wrong way to propose – as long as you consider your partner’s interests.

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4. Plan Ahead As Much As Possible 

The last thing you want is for things to go wrong on the big day because you didn’t plan properly. Make sure you have a backup plan in case something comes up at the last minute. What if it rains or the hot air balloon is too cold? Will you put it off for another day or change location?

One important thing to keep in mind while planning is your partner’s schedule. Make sure they are free when you want to do it. It’s a good idea to plan something with them on that day. Maybe a seemingly usual date night, or have her friends take her out.

Additionally, if you need to hire a proposal photographer, party planner, decorator, or even a private chef it’s great to have them booked (a few months) in advance.

5. Keep It Simple

This all depends on your partner – but we think the more intimate the proposal, the better. If you can keep it to just you and your partner, then do so!

Sometimes the best engagement proposal ideas are the ones that are low-key and intimate. You don’t need an overly complicated plan or extravagant setting to make things special. Focus on what will mean the most to your partner. Plus a smaller setting can show how much effort you have put in, so don’t forget those little details!

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Don’t be shy, make a budget for your proposal – and stick to it. Even if you’ve already bought the engagement ring, there’s still the engagement party, rehearsal dinner, wedding, and honeymoon. So don’t spend it all in one place!

Pro tip: Don’t use a joint credit card or account to purchase the ring. Try to pay cash, use store credit, or use a different card to pay.

6. Keep The Ring Safe

When you are planning a surprise proposal, one of your biggest concerns will be keeping the engagement ring safe. You’ll want to make sure that the ring is not lost or stolen in the lead-up to the proposal.

Here are a few tips on how to keep your engagement ring safe:

  • Tell only trusted friends and family about the ring. Don’t tell anyone who isn’t close to you about the ring, as there is a risk that they could inadvertently let it slip out.
  • Avoid taking the ring on trips. If you’re traveling, leave the ring at home. You don’t want to risk losing it!
  • Store it somewhere safe. You’ll need to find a place to hide the ring until you are ready to propose. A safe or locked drawer is a good option.
  • It’s also a good idea to invest in insurance especially if your ring is particularly pricey!

Pro Tip: Don’t propose somewhere the ring could be easily lost if you drop it – like on a pier or the beach.

7. Hire A Proposal Photographer To Capture The Moment 

Hiring a secret photographer for your proposal is an excellent way to capture the moment and reaction. This is especially true if you’re proposing in a public place or with friends around, but it’s also important that you have pictures of just the two of you.

When it comes to marriage proposals, timing is everything. You want the moment to be perfect, and hiring an engagement photographer to capture the moment is a great way to ensure that.

surprised engagement photography in restaurant

They will be able to capture all of the emotion and excitement of the proposal, which will make for a beautiful memory that you and your future spouse can look back on for years to come. So don’t forget to hire a proposal photographer!

There are several reasons why hiring a photographer can be helpful:

  • They can help create and direct the scene so that they don’t miss any details
  • They’ll be able to take pictures from many angles around your location

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8. Arrange For a Celebratory Dinner or Drinks Afterwards 

If you’re planning a surprise marriage proposal, arranging for a celebratory dinner or drinks afterward is a great idea. Especially if you didn’t have their family and friends to witness the proposal.

This will give you and your partner a chance to celebrate your engagement together, and will also give your friends and family a chance to congratulate you both in person.

Pro tip: This is a great chance to capture engagement photos and capture your family’s excitement! Hire an engagement photographer to get it done.

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We hope this helps you plan a proposal your partner will never forget. Take what you need from the list of tips we provided. Remember, it’s all about making them feel special and loved, so take some time to think about what they love most in life and then incorporate those things into your plan!

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