Booking a graduation photoshoot with RTW Photography is easy, but what about everything else involved in the photoshoot? You have to consider wardrobe, hair, makeup, locations, poses… And that’s just to name a few.

Cap and gown graduation photoshoots are classic and send the message of a victorious and completed collegiate career. If you’re looking for something more to depict you celebrating your diploma, here are seven ideas to spice up your graduation photoshoot.

1) Celebrate With Champagne.

If you are at or above the legal drinking age of 21, popping a champagne bottle could be a nice toast to completing your collegiate career. Bubbly is typically popped during a time of celebration and a graduation photoshoot is the perfect occasion. The bubbles and overflow of champagne can be the perfect touch of flair to your photoshoot!

2) Add Colored Smoke Bombs.

If you have a flair for the dramatics, colored smoke could be just what you’re in the market for. If you’re part of an organization on campus, like Greek life, colored smoke may be a creative way to display the colors of your organization in a stand-out way. You can create imagery with it by holding the smoke in your hand or by placing it behind you to make you pop out in a grandeur way. Either way it’s used, smoke can add some creativity to your graduation photoshoot.

Women surrounded by colorful smoke

3) Add An Outfit Change.

Why stick with the classic cap and gown pictures if you have the option not to? Outfit changes are another way to display your personality in a photoshoot. Your style and clothing choices give the audience a sense of who you are. Outfit changes also provide you with a way to incorporate plenty of school pride for your alma mater. 

4) Personalize Your Graduation Cap.

Many college and university graduates decorate their graduation caps. Personalized graduation caps are a great way to add creativity and character to your graduation photoshoot. Graduates often use their caps as a way to communicate a message, share parts of their life leading up to their graduation or as a way to welcome a new chapter of their life, such as a job offer or big move.

Decorative graduation caps

5) Throw Confetti and Glitter.

What’s that saying? Throw happiness around like it’s confetti? Confetti and glitter are a fun touch to add in your graduation photoshoot. Whether it’s multi-colored confetti or representative of your college’s or university’s colors, add some sparkle to your shoot!

Glitter and confetti

6) Bring Colored Or Numbered Balloons.

Whether they’re number balloons that represent the year in which you graduate, multi-colored balloons or ones that match your college or university’s colors — balloons may be the perfect amount of pizazz in your graduation photoshoot.

Woman holding pink balloons

7) Add A White Coat Or Stole.

If you’re a graduate of a health-related major, you may have earned a white coat. Or, if you were active on campus in clubs, organizations, volunteerism or earned honors and distinctions, you may have earned decorated stoles or cords. This is the opportunity to show off that freshly-laundered, crisply-ironed and hard-earned graduation regalia that celebrates all of your scholarly achievements.

Women in white coats.

Make your graduation photos memorable when you book with RTW Photography. Turn a classic event into a complete celebration!

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