When you’re planning your wedding, there are a lot of decisions to make when you get started. One of the first and most important decisions you will have to make is when you’re getting married. That decision helps set the scene for your entire wedding theme. A summer wedding gives you flexibility and abundant options on how your wedding will play out. 

Picture a sunset wedding dress, romantic sunset beach wedding, and cute summer bridesmaids’ dresses. But that’s just one of the endless possibilities.

Want to hear more? Here are 5 reasons to have a summer wedding: 

summer wedding dress and summer bridesmaids dresses

The Weather is Better 

During the summer months, the weather is warmer, sunnier, and the days are much longer. This perfect combo allows you to enjoy your big day under the sun for hours longer than if you were to hold it in the fall or winter. 

You can plan to have an outdoor wedding and know that the weather is more likely to cooperate to give you beautiful wedding photos. 

Outdoor Summer Weddings are Fun

Outdoor wedding celebrations are a completely different experience. You get to celebrate under the clear blue sky, drinking summer-themed cocktails with an incredible selection of scenery to use as your backdrop.

Whether it’s an open meadow or white sandy beach, your outdoor summer wedding is sure to be breathtaking.

Relaxed Summer Wedding Attire

When it comes to having a summer wedding, everyone gets the chance to wear fun, loose wedding attire. The bride can wear a strappy, summer wedding dress, while the groom can enjoy a relaxed, upscale tux. 

Without the fear of cold weather, everyone has more options for their wedding attire. Guests can enjoy airy attire that looks great and feels wonderful, from comfortable fun gowns to casual short-sleeve button-ups. 

Make sure everyone wears sunscreen!

You Get Incredible Outdoor Wedding Pictures

Some places come alive in the summer. An outdoor wedding at a beach, park, garden, lake, or mountains can make the best backdrop for your wedding photos. 

Not only that, natural lighting makes for the best lighting for your wedding photos. 

You can host your wedding at these gorgeous natural landscapes, and RTW Photography will capture amazing images you can enjoy for a lifetime.

Beautiful Summer Color Palettes

Getting married in the summer allows you to choose from just about every color palette. 

You can choose any color during any season. But choosing a color palette that compliments the season can make your summer wedding theme blend in with the weather, scenery, and tones that summer months bring.

Summer wedding colors can be bright, neutral, pastel, anything you want.

Summer is a great time to host your wedding and say “I do.” under the sun. Enjoy gorgeous weather, incredible scenery, fresh flowers, fun summer cocktails, and more. Its the perfect time to celebrate your love.

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