If you’re a millennial couple looking to capture some memories with your loved one, you’re in luck! Whether it’s a cute snapshot for Instagram or a romantic portrait to hang on your wall, capturing memories through photos is a great way to document your relationship. Atlanta has no shortage of beautiful and unique locations that are perfect for couples photos. In this blog post, we’ll list 5 Atlanta locations that are ideal for different types of photoshoots, including romantic, cute, funny, and cheesy.

Romantic Locations For Couples Photos

Piedmont Park

Piedmont Park is a 200-acre green space located in the heart of Atlanta. It’s a popular spot for picnics, walks, and outdoor activities, but it’s also a beautiful location for couples photoshoots. This park provides a beautiful backdrop for romantic photos. With the city skyline in the background and the lush greenery all around, you’re sure to get some stunning shots here

Tips for posing and capturing the best shots: 

Take a stroll around the lake and use the benches and swings as props for cute and romantic poses. Use the trees and greenery to create a natural backdrop. Don’t be afraid to get close and show some affection for each other in your photos.

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Swan House 

If you’re looking for something more upscale and elegant, the Swan House is the perfect location. This historic mansion in Buckhead is surrounded by beautiful gardens and fountains, and the grand staircase inside is perfect for a dramatic shot. Plus, you’ll feel like you’re in a movie!

Tips for posing and capturing the best shots: 

Use the front lawn or gardens, use the reflecting pool for stunning reflections, and incorporate props for a touch of whimsy. The elegant location calls for dressing up a bit, and experimenting with different angles and poses can result in beautiful photos that you’ll cherish for years to come.

Want some couples photos inspiration?

Jackson Street Bridge

The Jackson Street Bridge is a popular location for skyline photos in Atlanta. It’s located in the Historic Old Fourth Ward neighborhood and offers stunning views of the city skyline. It’s great for romantic and dramatic couple pictures

Tips for posing and capturing the best shots: 

Take advantage of the stunning views of the city skyline. Use the bridge as a backdrop for some dramatic and romantic poses. Don’t forget to take some candid shots while admiring the view.

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Atlanta Locations For Cute Couples Photos


This charming neighborhood in Atlanta is full of colorful houses and quirky street art, making it a great spot for a cute couples photoshoot. Take a stroll down the streets and stop at any cute locations that catch your eye. You can even snap a photo in front of the “Welcome to Cabbagetown” mural.

Tips for posing and capturing the best shots: 

Explore the vibrant murals and unique architecture, take advantage of the skyline and experiment with lighting. The golden hour, just before sunset, can create a warm and romantic glow in your photos. 

Dressing in bright colors, patterns and vintage-inspired clothing can complement the trendy and eclectic vibe of the area.

The Atlanta BeltLine

The Atlanta BeltLine is a former railway corridor that has been transformed into a multi-use trail. With its art installations, murals, and greenery, it’s the perfect location for cute and active couple photos. It’s ideal for cute and active couple photos

Tips for posing and capturing the best shots:

Take a walk or bike ride on the trail and use the unique art installations and murals as backdrops for some fun and cute poses. Take advantage of the greenery and open spaces for some active poses.

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Atlanta Locations For Funny Couples Photos

Krog Street Tunnel 

For a more urban and colorful photoshoot, head to the Krog Street Tunnel. This tunnel is covered in vibrant graffiti and street art, providing a unique and funky backdrop for your photos. You can pose in front of your favorite mural or even bring your own props to add to the fun.

Tips for posing and capturing the best shots: 

Take advantage of the colorful and unique backgrounds in the tunnel. Use the graffiti and murals as backdrops for some fun and silly poses. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your poses and props.

World of Coca-Cola

If you and your partner are looking for a hilarious and quirky location for your couples photos, the World of Coca-Cola is a fantastic spot. Take a photo with the famous Coca-Cola polar bear, pose with oversized Coke bottles, or even wear matching Coke t-shirts for a fun and silly shot.

Tips for posing and capturing the best shots: 

Use the iconic Coke bottle, check out the different exhibits for interesting backdrops, and use Coca-Cola props as a fun and playful element to your couple photos. It can get quite busy so it’s important to dress comfortably for your photoshoot. Wear something that allows you to move around freely and comfortably.

Cheesy Couples Photos Locations In Atlanta

The Varsity 

The Varsity is a classic fast food restaurant located in Atlanta, Georgia, that has been in operation since 1928. It is known for its iconic neon signage, vintage decor, and lively atmosphere. In addition, The Varsity has been featured in numerous movies and television shows and has become a cultural icon in the city of Atlanta.

Tips for posing and capturing the best shots: 

For a classic Atlanta experience, head to The Varsity for some cheesy but cute photos. Take a photo in front of the iconic neon sign, pose with a tray of hot dogs and fries, or even wear matching Varsity hats. You’ll have some fun and memorable photos to look back on.

Atlanta Botanical Garden

The Atlanta Botanical Garden is a 30-acre botanical garden located in Midtown Atlanta. With its lush gardens, beautiful fountains, and unique sculptures, it’s the perfect location for romantic and cheesy couple photos. 

Tips for posing and capturing the best shots: 

Take a walk through the gardens and use the flowers and plants as backdrops. Take advantage of the unique sculptures and fountains for some fun and cheesy poses. Don’t forget to get some romantic shots near the water features.

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Capture Memorable and Playful Couples Photos at These Iconic Atlanta Locations

There you have it, 5 Atlanta locations that are perfect for your next couples photoshoot. Whether you’re looking for something romantic, cute, funny, or cheesy, there are plenty of spots in Atlanta for you. Don’t forget to bring your camera, dress in coordinating outfits, and most importantly, have fun! We hope you found this blog helpful and that you’ll try out these locations for your own couples photos. Good luck and happy snapping!

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