Graduation season is a busy time for students. Between finalizing last minute assignments for classes, cap and gown orders, and family arrangements, scheduling a graduation photography session for photos can often be placed on the back end of an ever growing list of “to-dos.”

As graduation day approaches, you reminisce on where you’ve come from while at the same time, you look forward to where you can go. But the time in between the two is just as essential to your story.

This graduation season, let RTW Photography capture the moments that brought you this far, including you graduating with your degree from a college or university. Here are 5 reasons on why you should capture that “I made it” moment this graduation season.

1) You Get To Tell Your Story.

Being a scholar doesn’t exempt you from the struggles of life. The days of little to no sleep, the semesters of uncertainty, the years of hard work. Your graduation photos allude to the triumph you’ve attained after overcoming those trials. Graduation photos capture what brought you, not what stopped you.

2) You’re The Creative.

Only you can show us what you want. You have the creative freedom to express yourself in your photos! You can find inspiration on the internet or in magazines that coincide with whatever theme you decide on. As photographers, we help to guide you and make suggestions based off the ideas you give to us. Let us help your vision come to life!

3) It’s All About The Location (And Angles).

College campuses have a lot to offer, not only in educational opportunities but also in resources and aid. A graduation photo shoot can be anywhere on campus. Add some personality to your pictures by showing your audience the best parts of your school! It’s only right to showcase where you made it.”

4) Memorialize The Moment.

Once a moment is gone, it can never come back. Photographs capture a moment, turning a still life image into a life-long memory. When you decide to capture those moments leading up to your graduation, it’s more than just a wide smile, sigh of relief and a robe, it’s the evidence of a victory. It’s an “I made it” moment forever.

5) It’s Not Just For You.

Photographs are a great way to involve the people who helped you through your collegiate journey, especially those who couldn’t attend your graduation day. Graduation photos can also serve as a “thank you” to those who motivated you to get this far. And to others who may not know you — these pictures are a source of inspiration.

Despite the hectics that graduation season brings to your life, make the time to capture the moment that makes it all worthwhile. Make that I made it moment forever.

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