A family portrait is something to treasure. They’re a record of all those little moments that happen in a day and capture what your family is really like. That’s why we love being able to capture family photoshoots for our clients! And whether you’re looking for a fun activity for the family or getting ready for that next big event in your life, it’s easy to book a family photographer today with RTW!

Wondering if a family portrait session is a good idea? Read on to see a few reasons why you should book your family portrait now!

family photographed walking in nature

You need some pictures for that empty wall in the living room.

Family portraits are a great way to decorate your living room. A portrait session is a fun and unique way to capture your family’s history, personality, interests, and general awesomeness.

When you book that family portrait session with us, we will go through all of these steps together:

  • You pick out some outfits that best represent each family member, or the whole family as a unit
  • We help you choose locations where the light will be just right (and not too bright!)
  • We take shots of everyone at once to show off their awesome personalities (or sibling rivalry)
  • Then we split up into smaller groups so that we can capture individual moments between siblings, or parents and children

You want to get everyone together for a fun activity that’s not at a relative’s house.

As photographers, we’ve seen it all: families who can’t get together because their schedules are always too busy, or because they live in different cities. 

Or maybe they’re just not that close to begin with. 

But what if you could get them together for a fun activity that’s not just a family reunion? A family portrait session is the perfect way to do that!

family portrait by the waterfront

There is no perfect season to book your family portrait session—you can book your session at any time during the year; it’s completely up to you and your schedule.

RTW Photography has family photographers in Orlando and Atlanta all year round!

You want to capture your family as it is now, before the kids grow up.

You’ll never get this time back. As the kids grow up, they have their own lives and interests, and you’ll miss the days of being able to just hang out as a family. 

You might not even realize how much you’re missing until after they’ve started driving. If you don’t have current photos of your family right now, we guarantee you will regret not having them. Especially when your son or daughter starts dating or moves away for college.

It’s been a long time since you’ve had family portraits taken

Are you ready to make some new memories? Or maybe start a new tradition of taking family photographs every few years? If so, book a family portrait session! 

Whether it’s been a while since your last family photographs or this is your first time taking professional photos together, RTW Photography can help. 

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Family portrait sessions are great because they allow you to capture moments in time that have meaning for your family. You can display these images on shelves at home or in the office so that everyone can see them every day and remember special times together.

Some of our favorite ways to use photographs from our sessions include:

  • Holiday cards
  • Baby announcements
  • Christmas cards
  • Birthday cards

Need some family portrait ideas? Click here!

Let’s be real – professional family portraits beat your iPhone-timed pictures!

Professional photographers use cameras that have high resolution and produce professional quality images. Plus, they have the experience to take your photo session to the next level, as well as the skills to shoot in all kinds of lighting conditions.

Most importantly, they know how to get you looking your best!

No matter how good your iPhone photos may be, there’s no substitute for having a professional capture your holiday family portraits for you. And don’t forget: these photos will be around to show off forever!

Black father and daughter smiling for family portrait

Why wait? Book your family portrait ASAP

It’s a great idea to have family portraits taken. It’s something that you can treasure for years to come, and it’s also a good way of showing off what your life looks like today. If there’s one thing we’ve learned from our experience as photographers, it’s that there is no bad time for portraits.

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