During these trying times, we know that everyone is concerned with their health and well-being. Even though COVID-19 is still active and present, there are still moments in our lives that cannot be postponed or canceled. The need to freeze these special moments in time with photography is still very much relevant. Weddings, Proposals, Birthdays, and even Graduations are all important events in our life that cannot be overlooked. Therefore, when looking for a photographer you must make sure they can give you what is necessary to stay safe and satisfied.

To guarantee your safety and comfort ask these questions:

1. What Precautions are you Taking to Ensure the Safety of Everyone?

When booking a photographer for any occasion you want to make sure they are willing to do whatever to ensure you and your family’s safety. So you must find out if the photographer you’re willing to book will take preventative measures like social distancing, wearing masks, sanitizing, and (at the request of the client) to wear gloves. The need of sanitizing equipment and even props helps to minimize risk. Along with these, are they also willing to try new alternatives to keep your event or photo shoot fun and safe?

RTW performs all these actions and goes the extra mile to keep everyone safe and comfortable.

Family Picnic

2.  If There are Concerns with Health and/or Safety, What is the Company’s Policy for Canceling or Re-booking?

Many of Orlando’s venues and businesses have since been closed and numerous events have had to be canceled. There is no certainty of whether everything will be completely up and running, especially considering shelter-in-place orders. So before reserving a photographer, especially in Florida, make sure to know their guidelines and procedures for canceling an event or rescheduling for another day, as some dates just can’t be completely called off. This is important to know as it can help you save money and help give you a peace of mind.

At RTW there is no rescheduling fee!

Wedding Ceremony

3. Will My Photo Quality be Compromised as a Result of Social Distancing or Little to No Contact?

Every picture must be perfect and capture every feeling and emotion. Some events only happen once and it’s important that the quality of your pictures and the presentation of yourself and your family are both remarkable. Even with safety measures like social distancing, your photographer should make sure that your photo quality is not compromised, so you can have great photos that will last you a lifetime and bring a smile to your face every time.

Photography and videography will be premium quality. We have the necessary, top-of-the-line equipment (i.e. special lenses) available at RTW that will resolve any issues related to distance.

graduation photo with prop


During 2020 RTW is offering $100 off of studio sessions for the month of July. All you have to do is use the promo code RTW100 when scheduling a studio session during the month of July in 2020. Hurry! It’s only for limited time.

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