There’s been no greater time to celebrate the love and affection you have exhibited all year long than in a photoshoot for Valentine’s Day.  After all, this is that special time where you can put your feelings on blast and share your love story with the world.  Your expression of love can manifest in many ways, yet there are three distinct levels that love has always existed:  love from others, love for others, and love for yourselfJust think: a photoshoot can express your love for any one of these. 

Love from others   

Celebrate the love you have for your significant other by making your photoshoot a part of your date night.  Showcase your power couple status by scheduling photoshoot that will preserve a moment in time that you can cherish for years to come.  Recreate the day you first met or your first date by utilizing small details such as décor or accessories that brings the photoshoot to life.  You can even turn it into a surprise engagement photography session! Having your favorite details, like your favorite song in the background can set the mood and allow you to capture more dynamic and sincere emotions of your love for each other – no matter what the occasion is.  So, whether the feel is cozy and cute, adventure or romance, there’s no better time to be hand in hand with the one you love.

Love for others 

Even if you are not in a relationship right now, this is not a reason for not celebrating one of life’s greatest love stories:  a family’s love for each other, which is perhaps one of the most special kinds of love that exists.  A photoshoot is natural fun for the family, whether immediate or extended. Include children, pets, or even your best friend.  Photos of your children can show their connection with each other or with you.  If you don’t have children, your beloved pet can be included in your love story.  After all, their unconditional love for us brings so much joy to our lives.  A best friend photoshoot might be that ultimate expression of love for others.  No matter who you choose, use your photo session to have fun with each other by capturing the memory of love and how it has impacted your life.   


Valentine’s Day photoshoots are more than just for couples or an expression of love for others. Think about it.  It was always you! Your best sense of love is expressed in self-love.  So, it’s not strange to conceive your own expressive session as a gift to yourself.  Use festive attributes such as balloons or rose petals as accessories. At the end of the day, the truth of the matter is you don’t necessarily need a significant other to be expressive.  Self-love is where it begins and ends.  So why not?  Capture the love with a special Valentine’s Day Photoshoot with RTW Photography. 

So book your very own Valentine’s Day Photoshoot today!

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