Love is a beautiful thing, and when you find the right person, you want to make sure to capture the moments you share! How else will you show your kids how hot you both were? Need some inspiration for your next couples photo shoot? Here are some couples photoshoot ideas that’ll help you capture a few magical moments 

We’ve rounded up 10 photoshoot ideas for couples that will help you look like a million bucks.

#1 Two With Nature

If you and your partner love to be outdoors and enjoy nature, this is a great couples photoshoot idea for you! If you have time and are willing to drive a little, look for a beautiful outdoor setting. This can be any place that has natural beauty — a park is usually the go-to, but doesn’t have to be. Think of a field of flowers or wheat, an open road in the country, or a lake. There’s no way to tell what kind of photoshoot locations will inspire you until you start brainstorming! The strangest places can make beautiful backdrops! 

Once you’ve come up with a location, find a couples photographer near you to make your vision come to life!

Black couples photoshoot with Emerald green and peach theme. Unique couples photoshoot location ideas

#2 Show Your Fun Side

Photographs can bring back fond memories of times when you shared a good laugh. If you have a hobby that you both love, you can easily turn it into a photoshoot! Think of any props that are related to your interests or hobbies and bring those along! Maybe you both love playing tennis together— it could even be one of the reasons why you fell in love! Don’t be scared to bring props along for your couple photoshoot. 

black Couples photoshoot idea in a cellar with wine barrels

#3 Dress Up For The Day

Why not dress up for your couple photoshoot? After all, you don’t get many chances to show off how good you look in a tuxedo! Dress up in your finest and take some really beautiful pictures. This is a great photoshoot idea for couples who want their pictures to look straight out of a magazine. It’s also perfect for couples who want to capture their love in a way that feels elegant and romantic.

Black couples elegant studio photoshoot inspiration.
What to wear for couples photoshoot?

There is no right or wrong answer! The best things to keep in mind are the location and theme of your photoshoot. Once you’ve figured those out you can plant 2-3 outfits for your couples photos! Depending on the vision for your photoshoot, you can dress down in jeans and or go all out with a ballgown and tuxedo.

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#4 You Two And A View 

Taking cute couple photos with your partner is a great way to spend time together, but it’s even better when you make it an adventure! There are tons of ways to make taking photos feel like an adventure. Here are some couples photoshoot location ideas to make that happen:

  1. Get in front of a beautiful cityscape at sunset or sunrise. 
  2. Have a night photoshoot on a rooftop so that stars are visible above your heads (and perhaps even reflect in your eyes).
  3. Go on walks through downtown neighborhoods where there are always great photo opportunities around every corner. Like graffiti, trellises, and fountains. 

Need some couples photoshoot inspiration? Click here to view our gallery!

Black couples photo ideas outdoors

#5 Date Night Surprise Couples Photoshoot

Surprise your partner with date night and a couples photoshoot! It’s always fun to dress up and go out on a date, but one of the best ways to make it more memorable is by having an intimate moment at your favorite spot. And you can capture a moment in time at a place that is special to you.

Photoshoot ideas for couples. Black couple at a bar smiling at each other.

#6 Take A Stroll

A casual walk is a great photoshoot idea for shy couples and can help you get comfortable in front of the camera. And it’s an activity that can be done just about anywhere. If you want to shoot downtown, go ahead! If you want to shoot at a park, that works too! The point is to take advantage of your surroundings and let it shine in your pictures. 

#7 Intimate At Home 

When you’re looking to take cute couples photos, there is no better place than your own home. The memories you have in this space will make for beautiful photos that capture the true nature of who you are as individuals and your relationship together. This especially works for shy couples, you’ll feel so much more comfortable in your own space! 

Found your inspiration? Click here to book a couples photographer near you!

Couple photoshoot at home in the kitchen. Black couple christmas photoshoot, throwing marshmallows at each other playfully.

#8 Seasonal Couples Photoshoots

One of the best things you can do for your relationship is to capture your memories together in a photo album. Not only will it be a fun way to look back on all of the good times you’ve had together, but it will also be a sweet reminder of your love when you’re feeling down. Seasonal couples photoshoots are the perfect way to start filling up your album. Not only are they super cute, but they’re also a great way to document your changing relationship. Plus, they’ll give you something to look forward to each season. So go ahead and get started on your album now! You won’t regret it.

Black couple Christmas photoshoot in front of a Christmas tree.

#9 Themed and Whimsical Couple Photoshoot 

A couples photoshoot is a great way to capture your relationship in a unique way. One of the best things about photoshoots is that you can let your imagination run wild and create a unique shoot set. Set the mood with a theme! Whether it’s whimsical or dramatic, go ahead and create an entire shoot set from your imagination. You can take inspiration from anywhere — even your favorite TV show. Whatever you choose, make sure you communicate your vision to your couples photographer so they can help bring it to life. With a little planning and creativity, you’re sure to end up with some truly stunning photos that you’ll cherish forever.

Vintage couples photoshoot idea with long cigarette holder. Black couple studio vintage photoshoot.

#10 The Little Details 

A cute couples photoshoot is a great way to show off your love for each other! Small details like matching tattoos or a shared love for collecting sneakers can make cute couples photos that much more special. And what could be cuter than matching bowling balls? Whatever small details you and your partner share, they can make for cute couples photos that tell the story of your relationship.

Black couple studio photoshoot with matching red sneakers.

Book a Couples Photographer In Atlanta or Orlando

Whether you’re an experienced couple looking for a new spin on your photos or just getting started, we hope these 10 couples photoshoot ideas have inspired you. If you’re looking for an amazing photographer to help capture these memories, be sure to check out our photographers in Atlanta and our photographers in Orlando. They’ll work with you to create beautiful images that will last a lifetime. Have fun planning your shoot – we can’t wait to see the results

Don’t forget to check out our gallery for more inspiration!

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